About Clare

Clare Rose, presenting a violin she createdI was lucky enough to have been brought up in the Sussex countryside, where I still live with my husband Shaun (local vet), my son Fred and his girlfriend Em, and 3 dogs and 2 cats in our large rambling Victorian house here in Brighton, UK.  I Left art school with a passion for textiles and highly embellished costume jewellery, and successfully managed to make collections for many designer outlets in the south, and also privately commissioned pieces for weddings and theatre. Around this time I started dabbling with mosaic and found I really loved this medium too.

My work was growing and I realised I needed a bigger medium. I started felt making and other textile processes, thus began my pictorial work. I found I could embellish my felt work with various felts, mohair’s, beads and buttons. The possibilities are endless. Most of my felt fibre is finished and I buy hand dyed yarns from crofters of the Scottish coast. I have started to combine my mosaic and textile work together. With my mosaicing my obsession continued and I went from a keen amateur to seeking tuition from the great and the good of the mosaicing world. That was 20 years ago!

I now teach textile and mosaic in my studio. I run one day workshops and weekly classes. I am now lucky enough to enthuse others with my passion, and now teach children too.


Commission piece – felt, silk and button image created
Brighton Tom